analysis suite for MRI and fMRI data

Leipzig Image Processing and Statistical Inference Algorithms (LIPSIA)

This is a software package for the data processing and evaluation of functional magnetic resonance images. The analysis of fMRI data comprises various aspects including filtering, spatial transformation, statistical evaluation as well as segmentation and visualization. All these aspects are covered by LIPSIA. For the statistical evaluation, a number of well established and peer-reviewed algorithms were implemented in LIPSIA that allow an efficient and user-friendly processing of fMRI data sets. As the amount of data that must be handled is enormous, an important aspect in the development of LIPSIA was the efficiency of the software implementation.

LIPSIA operates exclusively on data in the VISTA data format. However, the package contains converters for medical image data in iBruker, ANALYZE and NIfTI format – converting VISTA images into NIfTI files is also supported.

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  • Gabriele Lohmann, Karsten Müller, Volker Bosch, Heiko Mentzel, Sven Hessler, Lin Chen, S. Zysset, D. Yves von Cramon (2001). Lipsia—a new software system for the evaluation of functional magnetic resonance images of the human brain. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 25: 449-457. URL DOI

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