NeuroML-capable neuronal network simulator (Lua package)

CNrun is a neuronal network simulator, with these features:

  • a conductance- and rate-based Hodgkin-Huxley neurons, a Rall and Alpha-Beta synapses;
  • a 6-5 Runge-Kutta integration method: slow but precise, adjustable;
  • Poisson, Van der Pol, Colpitts oscillators and interface for external stimulation sources;
  • NeuroML network topology import/export;
  • logging state variables, spikes;
  • implemented as a Lua module, for scripting model behaviour (e.g., to enable plastic processes regulated by model state);
  • interaction (topology push/pull, async connections) with other cnrun models running elsewhere on a network, with interactions (planned).

Note that there is no `cnrun’ executable, which existed in cnrun-1.*. Instead, you write a script for your simulation in Lua, and execute it as detailed in /usr/share/lua-cnrun/examples/example1.lua.

Related packages: cnrun-tools, libcnrun2, libcnrun2-dev

Additional information
  • Zavada, A., Buckley, C.L., Martinez, D., Rospars, J-P., Nowotny, T. (2011). Competition-based model of pheromone component ratio detection in the moth. PLoS ONE, 6, e16308. URL DOI PubMed

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Ubuntu 15.04 “Vivid Vervet” (vivid) 1.1.14-1ubuntu1 2.0.1-1~nd14.04+1+nd14.10+1+nd15.04+1 i386, amd64
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