fast and easy statistical learning on neuroimaging data

This Python module leverages the scikit-learn toolbox for multivariate statistics with applications such as predictive modelling, classification, decoding, or connectivity analysis.

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NeuroDebian Team
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Yaroslav Halchenko
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Michael Hanke

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Package availability chart
Distribution Base version Our version Architectures
Debian GNU/Linux 8.0 (jessie)   0.1.4+git3-g60d2a1b~dfsg.1-1~nd80+1 i386, amd64, sparc
Debian testing (stretch)   0.1.4+git3-g60d2a1b~dfsg.1-1~nd90+1 i386, amd64, sparc
Debian unstable (sid)   0.1.4+git3-g60d2a1b~dfsg.1-1~nd+1 i386, amd64, sparc
Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr” (trusty)   0.1.4+git3-g60d2a1b~dfsg.1-1~nd14.04+1 i386, amd64, sparc
Ubuntu 14.10 “Utopic Unicorn” (utopic)   0.1.4+git3-g60d2a1b~dfsg.1-1~nd14.10+1 i386, amd64, sparc
Ubuntu 15.04 “Vivid Vervet” (vivid)   0.1.4+git3-g60d2a1b~dfsg.1-1~nd15.04+1 i386, amd64, sparc
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