Popularity Statistics

Repository subscriptions

Interactive visualization of new NeuroDebian repository subscriptions. Plotted are each week’s average number of daily subscriptions for all Debian and Ubuntu releases. Statistics for individual releases can be compared by clicking on the respective curves and labels in the legend.

Note that each machine only needs to be subscribed to the repository once, and only subscriptions done via the website are counted.

Popularity Contest

We encourage you to participate in the popularity contest (popcon), which anonymously collects the list of packages you installed/use on your system. Collecting such statistics is of particular importance for research software projects as a proof of existing user-base.

In addition to popcon stats for your “core” distribution (e.g. Debian or Ubuntu), an interactive plot below summarizes number of submissions to NeuroDebian’s popcon server.

You can get more information about submissions from NeuroDebian Popularity Contest page.

If upon installation of the system you rejected the invitation to participate you can always change your decision by running:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest


If you are deploying multiple systems through cloning, to not have all systems considered as one, it would be necessary to re-generate the random MY_HOSTID. Following commands ran as root should do it (as root) without any interactive dialog:

sed -i -e 's,PARTICIPATE *= *.no.,PARTICIPATE="yes",g' -e '/^ *MY_HOSTID/d' /etc/popularity-contest.conf
DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive dpkg-reconfigure popularity-contest
The source code for this portal is licensed under the GPL-3 and is available on GitHub.