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Are you relying on a particular software packaged by NeuroDebian team that is part of the main Debian distribution? Or do you rely on the NeuroDebian repositories? If you think that this project is useful, please help us to make more people aware of Debian and NeuroDebian in particular. Sharing your positive experience with your friends and/or colleagues is one possibility. Alternatively you could...

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If you conduct your research using NeuroDebian services, for example, the NeuroDebian repository, the NeuroDebian Virtual machine, or software that is maintained by the NeuroDebian team on Debian, Ubuntu, or some other derivative, please cite this paper:

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NeuroDebian is listed on the NITRC portal. We would greatly appreciate if you rate it or express your opinion in a review (see “Reviews & Ratings”).

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We are not on Facebook. But if you are a NeuroDebian user, contributor, or simply a fan you are more than welcome to follow us on identi.ca or join the NeuroDebian group on LinkedIn, put NeuroDebian in your circles on Google+.

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If you or your research group has a web page, we would appreciate a reference to NeuroDebian. You could simply use a pre-generated banner by using following HTML code for a corresponding image:

<a href="http://neuro.debian.net">
 <img src="http://neuro.debian.net/_static/fmri_w200.png" border="0" width="200px" alt="Enjoy in NeuroDebian">
<a href="http://neuro.debian.net">
 <img src="http://neuro.debian.net/_static/button_w200.png" border="0" width="200px" alt="Enjoy in NeuroDebian">
The source code for this portal is licensed under the GPL-3 and is available on GitHub.