face and object processing in ventral temporal cortex (fMRI)

This is data from a block-design fMRI study on face and object representation in human ventral temporal cortex. The full datasets consists of 6 subjects with 12 runs per subject. In each run, the subjects passively viewed grey scale images of eight object categories, grouped in 24s blocks separated by rest periods. Each image was shown for 500ms and was followed by a 1500ms inter-stimulus interval. Full-brain fMRI data were recorded with a volume repetition time of 2.5s.

This package provides data for subject 3.

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  • James V. Haxby, M. I. Gobbini, M. L. Furey, A. Ishai, J. L. Schouten, P. Pietrini (2001). Distributed and overlapping representations of faces and objects in ventral temporal cortex. Science, 293: 2425-2430. URL DOI

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