This page will help you determine the most appropriate channel for your request or your contribution. Please tell us a little bit about your particular issue.

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Please select the respective software from the list of NeuroDebian packages, and click the ‘Help’ button on its web page.

If you do not know what the relevant software package is, here are a few tips:

If you have trouble with a command, you can identify the corresponding package by running this command in a terminal:

$ dpkg -S `readlink -f $(which COMMAND)`

where COMMAND is the name of the command in question.

If you believe there is a problem with a file installed on your system you can find the responsible package by running:

$ dpkg -S FULLPATH

where FULLPATH is the complete absolute path of the file, such as /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.


For technical issues with a particular software, please consider the following checklist:

  • Check for relevant information in the README.
  • Check the collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provided by the ###src### authors for related information.
  • Do a quick search on the web whether somebody posted something releated to your issue. Make sure to search the archive of associated mailing lists (if there are any).

If you continue to find your issue not sufficiently addressed, please report it. This blog post summarizes what makes a good report (in short: do your best to enable the recipient to reproduce the issue on their system). Here are a few pointers to get in touch with the user community and developers.

Please email bug reports to the neurodebian-users mailing list. This is the best way to get quality feedback, fast.

If you have evidence that your issue not specific to NeuroDebian, your report is best directed to the developers of the respective software.

Information on how to contact the respective developers is available at this location , or on the project homepage.

For conceptual questions either contact the community of the respective project, or post a question at (make sure to use the tags neurodebian, ###src### for your question).

Information on how to contact the community of this software is available at this location , or on the project homepage.

For general topics, we advice to post questions to for maximum visibility and fast feedback. Make sure to use the tag neurodebian for your questions.

Alternatively, email the neurodebian-users mailing list to reach a large audience of NeuroDebian experts.

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